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Are You Getting Scammed? Warning Signs of a Disreputable Roofing Company

Are You Getting Scammed? Warning Signs of a Disreputable Roofing Company

Roofing is a lucrative business, and as such, there are plenty of people that do not have the skill or the education to pull it off but that claim to. Those dishonest roofers that are not capable of providing you with a great service often leave hallmarks or warning signs wherever they go, making it possible to ferret them out before you pay them to fix your roof. At MG Roofing, we work to provide quality commercial roof services and here are some warning signs to watch for.

No References or Portfolio

The first sign that a roofing company may not be all that they seem is that they lack a portfolio that shows what work they have done and they have no references. Generally, when someone does a great roofing job, they will take photos to showcase their work, they might get customer reviews, and they will have references that help to vouchsafe for their skill and the work that they do. Dishonest or unqualified roofing companies are likely not going to have a professional portfolio or any references to speak of.

Not Insured, Not Licensed

Another major red flag is that the company is not licensed or is not insured in any way. Professional companies carry insurance policies to protect themselves and the people that they work for and without it, they are liable to deal with major issues. Should you allow an unlicensed or uninsured company to do work on your roof and you are not satisfied, there is little you can do. Similarly, if they are injured, you are injured, or your property is damaged, there is not much you can do.

Cash Only or Large Payment Required

If you have a commercial roofing company that asks you to pay the majority of your bill upfront or a large deposit before they work or a company that asks you to pay only in cash, this is not a good way of doing business. A professional company might ask for a down payment, but they are not going to ask you to pay large sums of cash before they can get to work. In these cases, companies like this often take the down payment and then never actually provide any work.

Are You Getting Scammed? Warning Signs of a Disreputable Roofing Company

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

The last red flag to look for are companies that use high-pressure tactics to try to get you to buy their services. This could be pressuring you and painting a terrible picture about what might happen if you do not let them work for you. They might tell you that they are running a sale and that the price is going to go way up. They might also tell you that not having the work done that they suggest is going to be disastrous to you. They are going to be very pushy, they are going to be very forward and they will not let you get away.

At MG Roofing, we will never force you to take our services, we have ample references and a great portfolio and will work with you to provide you with the services you need. Call today to set up a consultation.